SEO Course: How to rank keywords on first page

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Best SEO Course - Learn how to rank your keywords

Comprehensive and full understanding of SEO, and its techniques through 30 detailed and exhaustive chapters, and exercises to make you experts in SEO.

This complete SEO course will teach you how to grow your website traffic to as much as possible. In this course we will teach you how to make your website and webpages rank on the first page and get more organic clicks and generate organic traffic for you.

Not just theoretical SEO learning. Apply what you learn in SEO through the exercises.

These are self practice exercises which will help you gain more insights and deeper knowledge in each respective chapters and aspects of SEO.

These exercises make you instantly experience the practical side of SEO. This makes you learn the theory and also apply it or see how it is applied in the real world when you start doing SEO. Our SEO courses, therefore, give you theoretical learning and makes you see practical applications of SEO techniques and gain practical knowledge and experience.

Learn SEO and learn how to rank your keywords on the first page.

Get this best SEO course to be the smartest SEO guy in the room and to learn and be an expert in keyword finding and first page ranking.

SEO Course syllabus

Learn SEO

Chapter1: What is SEO
Chapter2: Why Learn SEO
Chapter3: SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
Chapter4: Search Engines and how they work
Chapter5: Google algorithms as rule book
Chapter6: Major Google algorithms
Chapter7: Google Accounts Set Up
Chapter8: Ready Website for Indexing
Chapter9: Submit Site to Search Engines
Chapter10: Introduction to Technical SEO
Chapter11: Checklist of Technical SEO Techniques to Follow
Chapter12: How to do Technical SEO Optimization
Chapter13: Know Keywords
Chapter14: 11 Types of Keywords
Chapter15: Keyword Research
Chapter16: 21 Keyword Research Tools
Chapter17: Long Tail Keywords and their Importance
Chapter18: LSI Keywords
Chapter19: How to find your keywords
Chapter20: How to validate and select right keywords
Chapter21: How to find keyword difficulty
Chapter22: Introduction to On Page SEO
Chapter23: Checklist of On Page SEO Optimization to Follow
Chapter24: How to do On Page SEO
Chapter25: What are Backlinks
Chapter26: What is Link Building
Chapter27: Off Page and its Techniques
Chapter28: Link Building Techniques
Chapter29: Local SEO and how to Optimize and Rank
Chapter30: How to do SEO Audit

Enrolling and learning from this course will make you a Complete SEO Professional and Ranking Expert. So, you will be able to full search engine optimization and handle full SEO projects, from start to finish. What most SEO beginners and SEO executives, with very less or no experience, do is small parts and tasks of search engine optimization. With this course and some practice you will be able to take on larger SEO job responsibilities and grow more in your career.

Learn the best in SEO and be an SEO expert. Buy this course now.