Golden Keywords Formula - Video Training

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How to do the market research and find the golden affiliate marketing keywords.

In this video training you are going to learn:

Lesson 1: Understanding the types of keywords with practical examples.
Lesson 2: Understanding the buying intent and picking the keywords searched by Hungry Buyers.
Lesson 3: Finding Golden Keywords in less than 3 minutes by using ahrefs.
Lesson 4: Grouping Golden Keywords to make Google happy.
Lesson 5: Optimizing your article to rank it in Google with less efforts.

Course Trainer

Kulwant Nagi is a full-time affiliate marketer who started his blogging career in 2011. After jumping into affiliate career in 2014, he has delivered his speeches in India affiliate summit, India affiliate conference, BlogX, Digital Masters Conference, and many other conferences in India.

Kulwant has appeared at JoshTalks and delivered his speech in IIT Kharagpur.

This training will solve all your affiliate marketing queries and you are going to understand the keyword in a better way.