Basic Carpentry Workshop

₹ 8,900

Just like cooking and driving, being able to do your own basic home maintenance is a valuable lifeskill. This workshop is designed to give you hands on skills on using the basic power tools - Jigsaw, Circular/Table Saw and Palm Router.

Basic Carpentry Workshop is a fun and fast paced workshop with focus on project based learning. As a participant you get to take home everything you make. 4 projects, with increasing difficulty will introduce you to handling the power tools safely, make dado and rabbet joins on wood sheets, solid wood joinery - mortise/tenon & half lap and designing and executing something on your own.

Timings Sat 9 am to 6 pm; Sun 9 am to 2 pm
Dates as per the ticket option selected.
(Fees Rs 8900)

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Workshop Details:

Project 1: Breaking the ice : Make a small clock with rubberwood
-Introduction to safety
- Wood types
- Use a circular saw, jigsaw, sander, dremel.

Project 2: Execute a plan : Make a small shelf with rubberwood
-Use a circular saw, jigsaw, router, sander
- Assembly
-Cutting dados and rabbets for joinery

Project 3: Make your design with plywood
-Project 2 activities
-Assembly with pneumatic nail gun/screws/nails

Project 4: Working with solid wood : Make an object with pinewood
-Use table saw to square timber
-Mortise tenon join
-Half lap join

After you complete the workshop, you will be able to
- choose appropriate material for your project
- operate power tools safely and get accurate results
- design and execute small projects yourself

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