Woodworking with Hand Tools

₹ 8,900

Take a deep breath, smell the wood, feel the sharpness of your blade, hear it slice the wood and enjoy the crisp cuts. Get the rhythm of woodworking with Hand Tools

You will start the workshop by identifying the pieces required for your project, followed by sharpening and setting up a hand plane and your hand saw. You will learn to cut with the hand saw and squaring the wood with the plane. (6 hrs)

Stool top will be of plywood, with solid wood beading on its edges (cut at 45 degrees at corners with a Mitre Box) and laminate on the top surface (2 hr)

The stool base will use half lap join, mortise tenon join (4 hrs)

The project will be finished with staining, wood sealing and polishing. (2 hrs)

(Duration 14-16 Hrs)

Brochure :
Pl contact 9945004541 / <kydo.in@gmail.com>