Woodworking with Hand Tools

₹ 7,900

Take a deep breath, smell the wood, feel the sharpness of your blade, hear it slice the wood and enjoy the crisp cuts. Get the rhythm of woodworking with Hand Tools

During the workshop, you would make a small stool with following techniques
- half lap join, bridle join, circular mortise tenon join (8 hrs)
- attach beading to plywood (45 cut) w Mitre Box (1 hrs)
- laminating the plywood top

You will also make and sharpen your own hand saw with a wooden handle (3 hrs)

Other Learning objectives
- sharpen chisels and planes (1 hr)
- sample join with dovetails(1 Hrs)

(Duration 14-16 Hrs)

Brochure :
Pl contact 9945004541 / <kydo.in@gmail.com>