Advanced MS-Excel Program @ Dadar


Advanced MS Excel Practical Training Program

Total Fees - Rs.8000/-
Special Online Payment Discount - Rs.2000/-
Payable Fees - Rs.6000/-

Exclusive Program Delivered on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday (8am to 9.30am)
Duration : 1 Month

Tentative Contents :

**Logical Function (If, And, OR), Conditional Sums using single & multiple criteria, Conditional Average using single & multiple criteria, The Trim Function

**Flash Fill, Advance Number Formatting, Advance Conditional Formatting, Data Validation with Adv. Application

**Sorting & Subtotal, Adv. Filter, Consolidate of Sheets Data, Goal Seek, Formula Auditing, Track Change, Scenario

**Quick Analysis, Lookup Functions, Match & Index, Vlookup from Multiple Table, Dynamic Vlookup, SUMPRODUCT Function

**Data Table, Data Form, Solver, Depreciation Functions

**Financial Function(PMT, PPMT,IPMT, Rate, NPER, PV, FV, NPV, IRR, MIRR)

**Create Charts in details with use of all Functions related to Charts, Insert,Edit & Delete Comment, Change Comment Box Shape

**PowerPivot, Creating DashBoard, Power View, Power Map, Power Query

**Common Error Messages in Excel, Advance uses of Macro, Array Functions, Apps for Office, Other Functions

**Introduction to ASAP Utilities, Select cells with the smallest & largest number, Insert Multiple Sheets (uses the cell values as sheet names), Create an index page with links to all sheets (clickable), Print Multiple sheets at once Set print area on selected worksheets, Protect & Unprotect multiple sheets at once, Count and/or color duplicates in selection, Quick numbering of selected cells, Insert before and/or after current value, Merge column data (join cells) Insert multiple empty rows at once, Remove all empty columns & Rows, Put together rows or column from several sheets, Change Case, Delete all after a given number of Characters

**Spell/Write out numbers or amounts, Some useful formulae of ASAP, Store files in One Drive, Introduction to Google Drive, Managing Files in Google Drive, Form Creation, Sending and receiving response, Mail Merge through Google Drive

**Track Changes, Protect & Unprotect Sheet, Workbook, Hide Formula, Allow Users to Edit Ranges with password & without password


Rigorous Conceptual & Practical Training
Specially Arranged On Popular Demand
Full Coverage of Technical & Practical Knowledge
Specially designed for working people
Doubt Clearing & Question-Answer Session
Limited 8 Person Batch Size

Program Manager - 8976789830 | 80 804 804 27

**Group Discount of Rs.500 per person – Group of 3 or more person
**No Refunds under any circumstances.