Learn to STARGAZE in Five days Immersive Experience Course

₹ 999

Let your children learn a hobby, which will be with them for the rest of their lives!

The main purpose of the course is to inspire kids to take up stargazing as a hobby.

Here is what your kids will achieve at the end of each day

Day 1: Know about the basic nuances of stargazing
Day 2: Start actual stargazing and make own star chart
Day 3: Create constellation stories
Day 4: Know to use augmented apps for stargazing
Day 5: Start stargazing as a hobby for the rest of their life.

Class Timings:
Live Class: 7.00 to 7.30 PM
Video Lessons: Video Lessons can be accessed at any time during that day. Make sure your kids complete the video and then attend the Live Session to assist further in their stargazing journey.

Age: For Kids aged 7 to 14 years!

Every day at 7 pm, we will have live sessions to have healthy discussions within the participants.

The Course is curated for 5 days! Each day we will have different learning outcomes and assignments.

The course is curated in such a way that each day the kids have assignments to complete!
On completion of the assignments, they will be able to collect Level Badges.

Kids who have completed the course will receive a participation Certificate from Space Science Learning Club

Bonus 1: Stargazing Journal (worth Rs. 199)
Bonus 2: Certificate upon Completion
Bonus 3: Constellations Guide Book (worth Rs. 299)

Register now and start an amazing hobby!

Learning Coach
Vinod Kumar