Mysteries of our Universe - 5 Day Live Class for Kids 8 - 14 years

₹ 1,499

Let your child unveil many secrets of our vast and fascinating universe in just 5 days of their summer vacation!

Who is this program for:
For space explorers aged 8-14 years who want to benefit from STEAM education to foster 21st-century life skills like Higher Order Thinking, Creativity, and collaboration.

Who is the Tutor:
5 days of live classes with Learning Coach Vinod Kumar, founder of SteadFast Learning Pedagogy to find the answers to your child’s questions about our Universe

Why we are doing this camp & what we want to achieve from it
Kids are naturally inquisitive, especially about things they do not completely understand, like our Universe. They feel shy to ask these questions in school, get ignored, and may even get incorrect information. This summer camp is curated to answer 100 deep and pressing questions in a fun and interactive sessions.

If your child has asked you questions about space, we have all the answers.

Who is this course suitable for?
Suitable for Kids & Space Explorers from 8-14 yrs, who are
- Inquisitive & have inborn explorer traits
- Very creative and find out-of-the-box solutions
- Always think ahead
- Interested in astronomy
- Is a champion of learning

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