Tour of our Universe - Live Simulation - Family Experience

₹ 199

Are you ready for the Tour of your Life!

Rocket through space and sail among billions of stars and galaxies. Utilizing some breathtaking visuals, Space Science Learning Club founder and Learning Coach - Vinod Kumar will guide your children through the mind-boggling scale of the universe.

Along the way, they’ll stop at the Moon and individual planets. Then they will make the jump to light speed and head to interstellar space and see all the galaxies in the universe.

Don’t worry, he’ll have your children back home in time for lunch.

Live Seminar:
At the comfort of your home, let your children enjoy this guided tour of our universe.

Can my children ask questions:
Through live chat, they can ask questions.

How much time is the program:
90 mins of LIVE Simulation and a Q&A Session

Can parents to attend:
Yes, you can accompany kids during the virtual tour.

My child is 7, can they attend:
If they are accompanied by a parent, they can attend. The program is designed for all kids from 8 years and above.

What will my child learn at the end of the seminar:
1. Learn about our place in our universe
2. Understand the majestic of our universe
3. Get a visual knowledge of our solar system

At the end of 90 mins, your children will fall in love with space science!

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