50 Days Android Course {Starts on 7th Aug 2017}


Join me on the 50 day Android App course where You can become Android App developer within 50 Days. I will teach you both basic and advance course topic in this course. At the end of course your first android app will be on Google Play store within 50 Days.
I will update you every day on the progress and show you what I do in 100% transparency. You will be able to follow me step-by-step and can build android app by your own.
This Program will cover basic course content, advance course content, best industrial practice and resources, Google play store listing and finally publish app on Google play store.

This program have value more than 15000/- plus, but this is my promotional course discount you are getting this course on low price.

This could be the best android app development course - done in the most practical way!

Here are the few content I list down that I will cover in this course( List down all the topic not possible, but I will cover many more topics).
1. Setup java environment, android studio, introduction of android studio’s tools.
2. Create android project, manifest file , layout folders, Debugging application on Real Device, AVD
3. Different types of layout design, button, checkbox, textbox etc.
4. Create activities, create dynamic layout and component, activity lifecycle, intents, communicating data among activities.
5. Simple user login form activity app (offline authentication).
6. Standard UI design , color, icon etc, Get the best material design icon.
7. Menus, listview , arraylist , creating custom and compound views
8. Navigator drawer.
9. Toast notifications, custom toast, dialog.
10. Progress bar, progress circle
11. Status bar notifications, popup menu.
12. Multi-threading , AsyncTask.
13. Handler, scheduler.
14. Data storage in share preference.
15. SQLite, SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database.
16. Opening and closing database, Working with cursors inserts, updates, and deletes.
17. Creating broadcast receiver, services.
18. Fragments.

Create an app idea to publish on Google play store which includes

  1. Get phone contact through app.
  2. Tab layout with fragment.
  3. Get current mobile location using Google location API.
  4. Show map inside App.
  5. Schedule alarm.
  6. Multimedia in Android, Audio , Video.
  7. Online login form authentication using HTTP Response ( JSON )
  8. Make a call , send SMS.
  9. Record sound.
  10. Create file, folder in phone memory.
  11. Take picture, record video.
  12. Generate signed android app, make it ready to publish.

Finally, you will publish your app on Google play store.