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    LectureNotes - The Educational Network

    LectureNotes places itself as a channel of communication between faculties and students to improve quality of education imparted in the classroom. Over 3500 faculties from various colleges of engineering have joined in and are providing support to their students and other students worldwide. This helps them improve their classroom interaction as they don't have to dictate in the class anymore and can freely discuss concepts and spend time in discussion, doubt clearing, and practical example.

    If LectureNotes have helped you, or you think the idea is worth keeping alive, do contribute to us. Your contribution will help us get more faculties online and provide better services to our users. The more we get, the better it gets for our contributor, better content comes online for everyone.

    The contributions are made as professional fees for the usage of the website.

    Note: This contribution is not mandatory and is not a payment for usage of the website or its services. You won't get any PDF files even if you pay.