LOL Creates your profile and works for you round the clock to find you a perfect partner.

You submit your profile with your expectations. We honor below specifications only:
1. Age
2. Education
3. Height
4. Religion
5. Income level

LOL Guarantees 15 matching dates for you.
Durability of membership is 6 months.
One date at a time.

How it works:
A dedicated LOL Relationship executive is assigned to your profile, who takes all the inputs and help identify the possible category of partner for you.
We profile sample profiles and you get updates for them over Whatsapp/Email.
Member shares willingness to meet the profile.
We arrange for time and date as per request and availability on both sides. LOL representative takes care of reservations.
We take feedback from the date and accordingly take further actions.

Our profiles are verified with their visit in LOL office. Real time pics are taken and shared to the prospects only. Family pictures are secured from every profile.
We do collect professional proofs and age proofs to validate the candidate.