Breathe Into Being

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From the first breath to the last, our breath remains the most powerful connecting link between Body, Mind, Emotions and Inner Self. Yet, most of the time, we are unaware of our breath. We breathe unconsciously. And, whenever we breathe unconsciously, we live unconsciously, letting the engine of our life to be steered by the memories stored in the subconscious and the emotions that arise from these memories. Conscious Breathing processes these memories and emotions and enables us to release and let go of all the accumulated negative memories as well as the repressed and suppressed emotions. Without this unnecessary baggage, we feel unburdened, energetic and light. Conscious Breathing connects us to the infinite, unending flow of Universal Breath or 'Prana', and we then receive the life-giving principle that permeates the Universe, which is called by different names in different parts of the world. In China it is called 'Chi' and in Japan, it is called 'Ki'. Conscious Breathing connects you to your being. Have a beautiful journey into Being through this Guided Meditation CD.