Connecting to your Family Tree

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The world is full of people in need of healing, be it Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual. Many healing systems have been developed to address this need. Family Constellation is a healing system developed by German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. He discovered that the family system has its own natural order, which he called the 'Order of Love'. When this order is disrupted, the effects are felt by subsequent generations as the system tries to right itself. Family Constellation work deals with the restoration of this order, and it results in profound healing. There appear to be certain natural laws operating to maintain that order and permit the free flow of love between family members. Systems are greater than the sum of their parts. Family constellations are systemic: they address problems that exist across several generations. They are dynamic: they uncover hidden loyalties and unconscious forces. They are 'energetic' in that they operate in a mental energy field of forces. Family Constellation work shows us that we are all interconnected and that anything we do affects not only us and our immediate family members but also several generations before and after us. This audio CD allows the user to experience the reconnection with our lineage through the reverence of our ancestors, helps us to understand who we are and where we came from, and consequently we can access where to go from here and what is needed to accomplish this journey successfully.