Consciousness Heals

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Consciousness Heals takes us on a voyage to the very beginning, where consciousness is the fundamental source of all creation. It then goes on to trace the origins of illness, and shows us that:
Our Consciousness is expressed through Body, Mind, and Soul.
When Body, Mind and Soul are fully aligned, we are plugged in to an immense source of power with limitless potential. This is our natural state, a state of ‘ease’, which leads to perfect health.
When Body, Mind, and Soul are not fully aligned, we have only limited access to our power and potential. This is a state of 'dis-ease', which leads to illness.
Consciousness Heals is a result of Dr. Newton’s profound metaphysical experiences and visions that led him to discover that memories, impressions, feelings, beliefs and frozen energies are stored in the body as 'cellular memory', which determines our state of health.