Embracing the Inner Child

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We are inherently powerful beings with immense potential for experiencing and facing life's situations. There is a portion of our psyche, 'The Inner Child', which represents the creative, spontaneous and playful aspects of our selves. This is our true nature. However, the 'Inner Child' is innocent and vulnerable. As a result of the blocks created in us due to parental conditioning, social conditioning, and traumatic situations in our lives, we lose a major portion of our 'Inner Child' essence. To avoid further pain and suffering, the 'Inner Child' withdraws itself and we adopt various defense mechanisms due to which the essence of our true personality and character is warded off from our own adult self. This leads to dysfunctional behavior.

This guided meditation by Dr. Newton Kondaveti facilitates retrieving of our missing 'Inner Child' so that we are whole again. It enables us to regain our Creativity, Confidence, and Compassion, which are essential to live a life full of Playfulness and Joy.