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All our current-life relationships have Past-Life connections!
We incarnate many times with the same Souls. Our relationship with them may be different in different incarnations. The reason we incarnate repeatedly with the same Souls is most often because we have to learn some more lessons together as the lessons are mutual.

Repetitive patterns in our relationships mirror the underlying patterns that we bring with us from many lifetimes. These could be:

• Irrational fears of intimacy or abandonment

• Emotional reactions to people or situations that seem irrational or without cause

• Instant attraction or discomfort felt sometimes when you meet a person for the first time

Such patterns have roots extending beyond our current lifetime. They go all the way back into our past-lives. They are the manifestations of your karmic dynamic. Changing or resolving this dynamic requires that you probe deep into your psyche to uncover these patterns.

This guided meditation helps you explore the karmic ties behind your relationships.
Give yourself the permission to explore the karmic ties that you have with a person of your choice!