Soul Retrieval

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Whenever we experience a traumatic event, whether small or large, our spirit self can become fractured and fragmented. At this time, a piece of it can leave. From then on this piece is disengaged and inaccessible and there is a void created in us. This leads to a drop in the vitality of our physical, mental and emotional aspects. In life we go through many traumatic situations and therefore there could be many missing soul parts. The shamanic soul retrieval process involves seeking out and returning these spirit or soul parts. This is done primarily in non-ordinary reality with the help of benevolent spirit guides. The result of this healing is typically an increase in vitality, energy and health. This audio CD allows the user to experience a sacred journey into non ordinary realms to retrieve the lost part of the soul essence of the self and it can be an important step to returning to psychological and spiritual wholeness, clarity, and strength -- your divine True Nature.