The Art & Science of Meditation

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Life is meant to be a joy forever. Unless we understand ourselves in our totality, in our own fundamental truth, how can there be joy in our lives? Without Meditation, there is no joy in life.
Meditation is the art of bringing delight into life. Delight comes from Light. Light comes only from Meditation. Meditation gives Success, Efficiency, Fulfillment, Vigor, Peace, Harmony, Love and Joy in life. Where there is no Meditation there is no Light. Where there is no Light, there is Sorrow, Misery, Tragedy, Pain, Suffering, Dissatisfaction, Disharmony and Incompetence in life.
Meditation is the Alpha and the Omega of Spiritual Science. We are energy beings. Meditation is the Science of Energy Maximization.
‘The Art & Science of Meditation’ is the first book in the 'Awakening Wisdom series’ of 21 Books from Quantum Life University.
‘The Art & Science of Meditation’ tells you all you need to know about Meditation and enables you to transform your life.
Endorsement for 'The Art & Science of Meditation'
"Man = Body + Mind/Soul.
The physical body is a desire of the soul; and once the body has been built, the soul occupies the physical body. From that moment, the embodied soul functions as the ‘mind’.
"In a state of deep Meditation, we come out of the physical body and we regain our knowledge about ourselves as a SOUL.
"A SOUL is an eternal verity that chooses to dip into the physical-ness a number of times, to have varied experiences.
"Dr. Newton Kondaveti, even as a medical student studying for his M.B.B.S. at Kurnool Medical College in the early 1990’s, adventured into the study of Spiritual Science. He is now an internationally known Master, who has inspired and helped thousands and thousands of others to become like him. I wish to convey my regards to Dr. Newton and the legions of Masters of Meditation trained by him.
"Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Chitra Jha have written a most exhaustive text on the ‘Art & Science of Meditation’. I feel great appreciation to them for their wonderful work. Every person who wants to practice Meditation should read this magnificent masterpiece."
- Brahmarshi Patriji

Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement
Author of Be A Master and
Over 60 books on Meditation and Spiritual Science