NPTEL Discipline : Civil Engineering (97 Courses)

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NPTEL Discipline : Civil Engineering

Total no. of NPTEL Video Courses : 97

Total no. of NPTEL Video Lectures : 4022

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** List of Available Courses (as PDF) **

  1. Advanced Foundation Engineering
  2. Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
  3. Advanced Hydraulics
  4. Advanced Hydrology
  5. Advanced Structural Analysis
  6. Application of Soil Mechanics
  7. Building Materials and Construction
  8. Concrete Engineering and Technology
  9. Concrete Technology
  10. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
  11. Design of Steel Structures
  12. Engineering Geology
  13. Environmental Air Pollution
  14. Finite Element Analysis
  15. Finite Element method for vibration and Stability analyses
  16. Fluid Mechanics
  17. Foundation Engineering
  18. Geosynthetics and Reinforced Soil Structures
  19. Geosynthetics Engineering- In Theory and Practice
  20. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  21. Geotechnical Measurements and Explorations
  22. Ground Improvement Techniques
  23. Ground Water Hydrology
  24. Hydraulics
  25. Introduction to Transportation Engineering
  26. Mechanics of solids
  27. Modern Construction Materials
  28. Modern Surveying Techniques
  29. NOC-Advanced Concrete Technology
  30. NOC-Applied Environmental Microbiology
  31. NOC-Computational Hydraulics
  32. NOC-Design of Steel Structures
  33. NOC-Digital Elevation Models and Applications
  34. NOC-Digital Image Processing of Remote Sensing Data
  35. NOC-Digital Land Surveying And Mapping
  36. NOC-Earth Sciences for Civil Engineering
  37. NOC-Earth Sciences for Civil Engineering - Part 2
  38. NOC-Electronic Waste Management - Issues And Challenges
  39. NOC-Energy Efficiency, Acoustics and Daylighting in Building
  40. NOC-Engineering Graphics
  41. NOC-Environmental Engineering-Chemical Processes
  42. NOC-Fire Protection, Services and Maintenance Management of Building
  43. NOC-Fluid Inclusion in Mineral Principles, Methodology, Practice and Application
  44. NOC-Foundation Design
  45. NOC-Foundation Engineering
  46. NOC-Geoenvironmental Engineering- Landfills, Slurry Ponds and Contaminated Sites
  47. NOC-Geology and Soil Mechanics
  48. NOC-Geosynthetics Testing Laboratory
  49. NOC-Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  50. NOC-Glass in buildings - Design and Application
  51. NOC-Glass Processing Technology
  52. NOC-GPS Surveying
  53. NOC-Higher Surveying
  54. NOC-Hydration, Porosity and Strength of Cementitious Materials
  55. NOC-Integrated Waste Management for a Smart City
  56. NOC-Introduction to Accounting and Finance for Civil Engineers
  57. NOC-Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  58. NOC-Introduction to Mineral Processing
  59. NOC-Life Cycle Assessment
  60. NOC-Matrix Method of Structural Analysis
  61. NOC-Mechanics of Materials
  62. NOC-Mechanics of Solids
  63. NOC-Mineral Resources- Geology, Exploration, Economics and Environment
  64. NOC-Photogeology In Terrain Evaluation
  65. NOC-Photogeology In Terrain Evaluation (Part 2)
  66. NOC-Principles and Applications of Building Science
  67. NOC-Principles of Construction Management
  68. NOC-Probability Methods in Civil Engineering
  69. NOC-Project Planning and Control
  70. NOC-Reinforced Concrete Road Bridges
  71. NOC-Soil Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering-I
  72. NOC-Structural Analysis-I
  73. NOC-Structural Dynamics
  74. NOC-Sustainable River Basin Management
  75. NOC-Theory of Elasticity
  76. NOC-Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
  77. NOC-Visual Semiotics for Visual Communication
  78. NOC-Wastewater Treatment and Recycling
  79. Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering
  80. Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
  81. Probability Methods in Civil Engineering
  82. Seismic Analysis of Structures
  83. Soil Dynamics
  84. Soil Mechanics
  85. Stochastic Hydrology
  86. Stochastic Structural Dynamics
  87. Strength of Materials
  88. Structural Analysis II
  89. Structural Dynamics
  90. Surveying
  91. Transportation Engineering II
  92. Urban Transportation Planning
  93. Water and Waste Water Engineering
  94. Water Management
  95. Water Resources Engineering
  96. Water Resources Systems - Modeling Techniques and Analysis
  97. Watershed Management