NPTEL Discipline : Chemical Engineering (65 Courses)

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NPTEL Discipline : Chemical Engineering

Total no. of NPTEL Video Courses : 65

Total no. of NPTEL Video Lectures : 2630

Total no. of Printable Pages : 53,863

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** List of Available Courses (as PDF) **

  1. Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (PG)
  2. Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Chemical Engineering
  3. Advanced Numerical Analysis
  4. Advanced Process Control
  5. Biochemical Engineering
  6. Chemical Engineering.pdf
  7. Chemical Engineering Principles of CVD Processes
  8. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  9. Chemical Reaction Engineering
  10. Chemical Reaction Engineering 1 (Homogeneous Reactors)
  11. Chemical Reaction Engineering 2 (Heterogeneous Reactors)
  12. Chemical Reaction Engineering II
  13. Chemical Technology - I
  14. Computational Fluid Dynamics
  15. Computational Techniques
  16. Fluid Mechanics
  17. Fundamentals of Transport Processes
  18. Fundamentals of Transport Processes - II
  19. Heterogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Processes
  20. Instability and Patterning of Thin Polymer Films
  21. Mass Transfer II
  22. Mass Transfer Operations I
  23. Mechanical Operations
  24. Microscale Transport Processes
  25. Modern Instrumental Methods of Analysis
  26. Multiphase Flow
  27. Multiphase flows-Analytical solutions and Stability Analysis
  28. NOC-Adiabatic Two-Phase Flow and Flow Boiling in Microchannel
  29. NOC-An Introduction to Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics
  30. NOC-Applied Time-Series Analysis
  31. NOC-Atomic and Molecular Absorption Spectrometry for Pollution Monitoring
  32. NOC-Chemical Process Instrumentation
  33. NOC-Computational Fluid Dynamics
  34. NOC-Fluidization Engineering
  35. NOC-Heat Transfer (Prof. Ganesh Viswanathan)
  36. NOC-Heat Transfer (Prof. Sunando Dasgupta)
  37. NOC-Inductive Couple Plasma Atomic Emmission Spectrometry for Pollution Monitoring
  38. NOC-Infrared spectroscopy for pollution monitoring
  39. NOC-Introduction to Evolutionary Dynamics
  40. NOC-Introduction to Polymer Physics (Dr. Amit Kumar)
  41. NOC-Introduction to Polymer Physics (Prof. Dr. Prateek Kumar Jha)
  42. NOC-Introduction to Process Modeling in Membrane Separation Process
  43. NOC-Introduction to Statistical Hypothesis Testing
  44. NOC-Introduction to Time-Frequency Analysis and Wavelet Transforms
  45. NOC-MATLAB Programming for Numerical Computation
  46. NOC-Measurement Technique in Multiphase Flows
  47. NOC-Multiphase Flows
  48. NOC-Multiphase Microfluidics
  49. NOC-Natural Gas Engineering
  50. NOC-Optimization in Chemical Engineering
  51. NOC-Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamics
  52. NOC-Rheology of Complex Materials
  53. NOC-Soft Nano Technology
  54. NOC-Thermodynamics Of Fluid Phase Equilibria
  55. NOC-Trace and Ultra-trace Analysis of Metals using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
  56. NOC-Transport Phenomena
  57. NOC-Transport Processes I- Heat and Mass Transfer
  58. NOC-Unit Operations of Particulate Matter
  59. NOC-Waste to Energy Conversion
  60. Novel Separation Processes
  61. Particle Characterization (PG)
  62. Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes
  63. Process Control and Instrumentation
  64. Process Design Decisions and Project Economics
  65. Process Integration
  66. Statistics for Experimentalists