NPTEL Discipline : Humanities and Social Sciences (124 Courses in PDF Format)

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NPTEL Discipline : Humanities and Social Sciences

Total no. of NPTEL Video Courses : 124

Total no. of NPTEL Video Lectures : 4,477

Total no. of Printable Pages : 83,334

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** List of Available Courses (as PDF) **

  1. Aspects of Western Philosophy
  2. Better Spoken English
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind and Cognition
  5. Contemporary Literature
  6. Cultural Studies
  7. English Language and Literature
  8. Ethics
  9. Game Theory and Economics
  10. History of Economic Theory
  11. Human Adjustment Processes
  12. Indian Philosophy
  13. International Economics
  14. Introduction to Film Studies
  15. Introduction to Logic
  16. Introduction to Modern Linguistics
  17. Introduction to Sociology
  18. Macro Economics
  19. Money and Banking
  20. NOC-American Literature and Culture
  21. NOC-An Introduction to Microeconomics
  22. NOC-Applied Linguistics
  23. NOC-Appreciating carnatic music
  24. NOC-Appreciating Linguistics- A typological approach
  25. NOC-Artistic Exploration in Scientific Research and Technology
  26. NOC-Basic Concepts of Modal Logic
  27. NOC-Body language- Key to professional Success
  28. NOC-Brief introduction to Psychology
  29. NOC-Business English Communication
  30. NOC-Calculus of One Real Variable
  31. NOC-Cognition, Transformation and Lives
  32. NOC-Consumer Psychology
  33. NOC-Depreciation, Alternate Investment and Profitability Analysis
  34. NOC-Developing Soft Skills and Personality
  35. NOC-Development of Sociology in India
  36. NOC-Digital Human Modeling and Simulation for Virtual Ergonomics Evaluation
  37. NOC-Ecology and Society
  38. NOC-Economics of IPR
  39. NOC-Educational Leadership
  40. NOC-Effective Writing
  41. NOC-Elements of Visual Representation
  42. NOC-Emotional Intelligence
  43. NOC-Employment Communication A Lab based course
  44. NOC-Energy Resources, Economics and Environment
  45. NOC-English Language for Competitive Exams
  46. NOC-English Literature of the Romantic Period, 1798-1832
  47. NOC-Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality
  48. NOC-Ethics
  49. NOC-Feminism- Concepts and Theories
  50. NOC-Feminist Writings
  51. NOC-Film Appreciation
  52. NOC-Folk and Minor Art in India
  53. NOC-Gender and Literature
  54. NOC-Globalization and Culture
  55. NOC-Great Experiments in Psychology
  56. NOC-Health Research Fundamentals
  57. NOC-History of English Language and Literature
  58. NOC-How the Brain Creates Mind
  59. NOC-Human Behaviour
  60. NOC-Human Resource Development
  61. NOC-Inclusion and Technology Design
  62. NOC-Indian Business History
  63. NOC-Indian Fiction in English
  64. NOC-Infrastructure Economics
  65. NOC-Intellectual Property
  66. NOC-Interpersonal Skills
  67. NOC-Introducing Modern Western Art- Movements and Artists
  68. NOC-Introduction on Intellectual Property to Engineers and Technologists
  69. NOC-Introduction to Advanced Cognitive Processes
  70. NOC-Introduction to Basic Cognitive Processes
  71. NOC-Introduction to Basic Spoken Sanskrit
  72. NOC-Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
  73. NOC-Introduction to cultural studies
  74. NOC-Introduction to Environmental Economics
  75. NOC-Introduction to Indian Art - An appreciation
  76. NOC-Introduction to Literary Theory
  77. NOC-Introduction to Modern Indian Drama
  78. NOC-Introduction to Modern Indian Political Thought
  79. NOC-Introduction to Political Theory
  80. NOC-Introduction to Psychology
  81. NOC-Introduction to the Pyschology of Language
  82. NOC-Introduction to World Literature
  83. NOC-Issues in Bioethics
  84. NOC-Language and Mind
  85. NOC-Language and Society
  86. NOC-Legal Compliance for Incorporating Startup
  87. NOC-Literary Criticism and Literary Theory
  88. NOC-Literature, Culture and Media
  89. NOC-Literature for Competitive Exams
  90. NOC-Managing Intellectual Property in Universities
  91. NOC-Modern Indian Writing in Translation
  92. NOC-Patent Drafting for Beginners
  93. NOC-Perspectives on Neurolinguistic
  94. NOC-Positive Psychology
  95. NOC-Postcolonial Literature
  96. NOC-Postmodernism in Literature
  97. NOC-Practical English- Learning and Teaching
  98. NOC-Probability and Stochastic for Finance II
  99. NOC-Psychiatry-An overview
  100. NOC-Psychology of Everyday
  101. NOC-Qualitative Research Methods
  102. NOC-Science, Technology and Society
  103. NOC-Short Fiction in Indian Literature
  104. NOC-Sociological Perspectives on Modernity
  105. NOC-Sociology of Science
  106. NOC-Soft Skill Development
  107. NOC-Soft Skills
  108. NOC-Speaking Effectively
  109. NOC-Strategic Performance Management
  110. NOC-Strategic Trade and Protectionism - Theories and Empirics
  111. NOC-Symbolic Logic
  112. NOC-Technical English for Engineers
  113. NOC-Technology Transfer through Joint Venture
  114. NOC-The Nineteenth-Century English Novel
  115. NOC-The Renaissance and Shakespeare
  116. NOC-The Victorian Gothic Short Story
  117. NOC-Time value of money-Concepts and Calculations
  118. NOC-Understanding Design Thinking and People Centered Design
  119. NOC-Visual Perception and Art- A Survey Across the Cultures
  120. NOC-Water, Society and Sustainability
  121. Population and Society
  122. Principles and Parameters in Natural Language
  123. Selected Topics in Psychology
  124. Understanding Creativity and Creative Writing