NPTEL Discipline : Management (83 Courses in PDF Format)

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NPTEL Discipline : Management

Total no. of NPTEL Video Courses : 83

Total no. of NPTEL Video Lectures : 3,646

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** List of Available Courses (as PDF) **

  1. Applied Multivariate Statistical Modeling
  2. Business Analysis for Engineers
  3. Consumer Behaviour
  4. Econometric Modelling
  5. Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship
  6. Global Supply Chain Management
  7. Infrastructure Finance
  8. International Business Communication
  9. International Finance
  10. Managerial Accounting
  11. Managerial Economics
  12. Manufacturing Systems Management
  13. NOC-Advanced Green Manufacturing Systems
  14. NOC-Business Analytics and Data Mining Modeling using R - Part I
  15. NOC-Business Analytics and Data Mining Modeling Using R - Part II
  16. NOC-Business Analytics for Management Decision
  17. NOC-Business Ethics
  18. NOC-Business Statistics
  19. NOC-Commodity Derivatives and Risk Management
  20. NOC-Consumer Behaviour
  21. NOC-Corporate Social Responsibility
  22. NOC-Data Analysis and Decision Making-I
  23. NOC-Data Analysis and Decision Making-II
  24. NOC-Decision Modeling
  25. NOC-Design and Analysis of Experiments
  26. NOC-Design Thinking - A Primer
  27. NOC-E-Business
  28. NOC-Economic Growth and Development
  29. NOC-Economics of Health and Health Care
  30. NOC-Engineering Econometrics
  31. NOC-Ethics in Engineering Practice
  32. NOC-Financial Institutions and Markets
  33. NOC-Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting
  34. NOC-Foundation Course in Managerial Economics
  35. NOC-Gender Justice and Workplace Security
  36. NOC-Global Marketing Management
  37. NOC-Industrial Safety Engineering
  38. NOC-Innovation, Business Models and Entrepreneurship
  39. NOC-Introduction to Data Analytics (Prof. Nandan Sudarsanam and Prof. B. Ravindran)
  40. NOC-Introduction to Data Analytics (Prof. Nandan Sudarsanam and Prof. B. Ravindran) - 2
  41. NOC-Introduction to Operations Research
  42. NOC-Knowledge Management
  43. NOC-Management of Field Sales
  44. NOC-Management of Inventory Systems
  45. NOC-Management of New Products and Services
  46. NOC-Managing Change in Organizations
  47. NOC-Managing Services
  48. NOC-Manufacturing Strategy
  49. NOC-Marketing Management - I
  50. NOC-Marketing Management - II
  51. NOC-Marketing Research and Analysis
  52. NOC-Marketing Research and Analysis-II
  53. NOC-MCDM Techniques Using R
  54. NOC-Microeconomics- Theory and Applications
  55. NOC-Patent Law for Engineers and Scientists
  56. NOC-Practitioners Course In Descriptive,Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  57. NOC-Principles of Human Resource Management
  58. NOC-Project Management
  59. NOC-Project Management for Managers
  60. NOC-Quality Design and Control
  61. NOC-Quantitative Finance
  62. NOC-Research Writing
  63. NOC-Sales and Distribution Management
  64. NOC-Selected Topics in Decision Modeling
  65. NOC-Services Marketing- A Practical Approach
  66. NOC-Simulation of Business Systems- An Applied Approach
  67. NOC-Six Sigma
  68. NOC-Soft Skills for Business Negotiations and Marketing Strategies
  69. NOC-Strategic Communication for Sustainable Development
  70. NOC-Strategy- An Introduction to game Theory
  71. NOC-Supply Chain Analytics
  72. NOC-Systems Engineering- Theory and Practice
  73. NOC-Total Quality Management-I
  74. NOC-Total Quality Management-II
  75. NOC-Working Capital Management
  76. Operations and Supply Chain Management
  77. Organisation Management
  78. Organisation of Engineering Systems and Human Resources Management
  79. Organizational Behaviour
  80. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  81. Six Sigma
  82. Strategic Management
  83. Strategic Marketing - Contemporary Issues