NPTEL Discipline : Computer Science and Engineering (116 Courses)

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NPTEL Discipline : Computer Science and Engineering

Total no. of NPTEL Video Courses : 116

Total no. of NPTEL Video Lectures : 5394

Total no. of Printable Pages : 94,974

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** List of Available Courses (as PDF) **

  1. Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Deepak Khemani)
  2. Artificial Intelligence (Prof.P. Dasgupta)
  3. Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar)
  4. Biometrics
  5. Combinatorics
  6. Compiler Design (Prof. S.K Aggarwal)
  7. Compiler Design (Prof. Y. N. Srikant)
  8. Computational Geometry
  9. Computer Algorithms - 2
  10. Computer Architecture (Prof. Anshul Kumar)
  11. Computer Architecture (Prof. Mainak Chaudhuri)
  12. Computer Graphics
  13. Computer Networks
  14. Computer Organization
  15. Cryptography and Network Security
  16. Database Design
  17. Data Communication
  18. Data Structures And Algorithms
  19. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  20. Design Verification and Test of Digital VLSI Circuits
  21. Discrete Mathematical Structures
  22. Electronic Design Automation
  23. Fundamental Algorithms-Design and Analysis
  24. Graph Theory
  25. High Performance Computer Architecture
  26. High Performance Computing
  27. Internet Technology
  28. Introduction to Computer Graphics
  29. Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming
  30. Logic for CS
  31. Low Power VLSI Circuits and Systems
  32. Natural Language Processing
  33. NOC-Advanced Graph Theory
  34. NOC-AI-Constraint Satisfaction
  35. NOC-Algorithms for Big Data
  36. NOC-An Introduction to Probability in Computing
  37. NOC-Artificial Intelligence- Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  38. NOC-Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases
  39. NOC-Cloud Computing
  40. NOC-Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems
  41. NOC-Complex Network - Theory and Application
  42. NOC-Computer Architecture and Organization
  43. NOC-Computer Architecture (Prof. Madhu Mutyam)
  44. NOC-Computer Architecture (Prof. Smruti Ranjan Sarangi)
  45. NOC-Computer Networks and Internet Protocol
  46. NOC-Computer Organization and Architecture
  47. NOC-Computer Organization and Architecture - A Pedagogical Aspect
  48. NOC-Data Base Management System
  49. NOC-Data Mining
  50. NOC-Data Science for Engineers
  51. NOC-Deep Learning
  52. NOC-Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  53. NOC-Design and pedagogy of the introductory programming course
  54. NOC-Discrete Mathematics
  55. NOC-Distributed Systems
  56. NOC-Embedded Systems Design
  57. NOC-Embedded Systems-Design Verification and Test
  58. NOC-Functional Programming in Haskell
  59. NOC-Fundamentals of Database Systems
  60. NOC-Hardware Modeling using Verilog
  61. NOC-Information Security - II
  62. NOC-Information Security - III
  63. NOC-Information Security - IV
  64. NOC-Internetwork Security
  65. NOC-Introduction to Algorithms and Analysis
  66. NOC-Introduction to Cryptology
  67. NOC-Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
  68. NOC-Introduction to Information Security - I
  69. NOC-Introduction to Internet of Things
  70. NOC-Introduction to Machine Learning
  71. NOC-Introduction to Machine Learning (Sponsored by Arihant)
  72. NOC-Introduction to Modern Application Development
  73. NOC-Introduction to Operating Systems
  74. NOC-Introduction to Parallel Programming in OpenMP
  75. NOC-Introduction to Programming in C
  76. NOC-Introduction to Soft Computing
  77. NOC-Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communications
  78. NOC-Mobile Computing
  79. NOC-Model Checking
  80. NOC-Modern Algebra
  81. NOC-Multi-Core Computer Architecture-Storage and Interconnects
  82. NOC-Natural Language Processing
  83. NOC-Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  84. NOC-Privacy and Security in Online Social Networks
  85. NOC-Problem Solving through Programming in C
  86. NOC-Programming and Data structures (PDS)
  87. NOC-Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms
  88. NOC-Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms (Aricent)
  89. NOC-Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
  90. NOC-Programming in C++
  91. NOC-Real Time Operating System
  92. NOC-Reinforcement Learning
  93. NOC-Scalable Data Science
  94. NOC-Social Networks
  95. NOC-Software Engineering
  96. NOC-Software Testing (Prof. Meenakshi D’Souza)
  97. NOC-Software Testing (Prof. Rajib Mall)
  98. NOC-Switching Circuits and Logic Design
  99. NOC-Synthesis of Digital Systems
  100. NOC-The Joy of Computing using Python
  101. NOC-Theory of Computation
  102. NOC-VLSI Physical Design
  103. NOC-Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  104. Numerical Optimization
  105. Parallel Algorithm
  106. Parallel Computing
  107. Pattern Recognition
  108. Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems
  109. Principles of Compiler Design
  110. Principles of Programming Languages
  111. Programming and Data Structure
  112. Real Time Systems
  113. Riemann Hypothesis and its Applications
  114. Software Engineering
  115. Storage Systems
  116. System Analysis and Design
  117. Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computation
  118. Theory of Computation
  119. Virtual Reality