Alchemy of Lyrics - An Anthology of Poems by Sonali Ganguly

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Alchemy of Lyrics' is an anthology of poems, introducing thirteen amateur poets from different parts of India- Avinash Krishna Kumar, Manoj Ekka, Neha Tripathi, Dilip Kumar Ganguly, Srirupa Mukherjee, Deboshree Ganguly, Anchal Agarwal, Chancal Agarwal, Adhishikha Patnaik, Sigma Samantasinghar, Nirbhay Banerjee, Bibhabasu Mahapatra, and Adarsh Kumar Gupta. The open theme of the book offered a scope to address the vicissitudes of life and the vagaries of human perception. The book reminds that 'poetry is a free flow of emotion' and when set free, it flooded the heart and mind of every seeker of poesy. The contributors belong to various sectors and age group but their composition added vivid splash of colorful imagery and magnificent charm to this anthology. The readers would find the blend of imagination, emotion and realistic observation of life.