Donations for upcoming Liter of Light projects in India

Min ₹ 100

Liter of Light is a global movement with a mission to provide off grid solar lighting solutions to the remote areas where people's lives are limited because of lack of light. We use low cost, environment friendly and recycled material like PET bottles and PVC pipes to assemble our lights.

In recent months Liter of Light Bangalore has illuminated many lives across many villages in different parts of India like :
- Nemilli and T Puddur in Tamilnadu,
- Chickballapur in Karnataka,
- Dunda Village and Sipalkot slum in Uttarakhand,
- Borvandi village in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra
- Bandarberia and Asta Jora in Jamtara, Jharkhand.
- Sirumalai hills near Dindigul, Tamilnadu

Now we have many more deserving places waiting for our lights like Sirumalai hills near Dindigul Tamilnadu, Villages in Khargon district in MP, slums near Bhubaneswar in Orrisa and many more in the pipeline.

As always we need your support to make these projects happen. We are raising funds for these projects.