B.A. PROG. DU SOL Semester 6th MEDIA IN EDUCATION Notes in English Medium

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B.A. PROG. DU SOL Semester 6th MEDIA IN EDUCATION Notes in English Medium

Chapterwise Solved previous years' question of University exams with inbuilt self study guide covering the complete syllabus in an easy language.
➥ Applicable for regular colleges, Department of Distance and Continuing Education (DDCE), School of Open Learning (SOL), Campus of open learning (COL), Non Collegiate Women's Education Board (NCWEB)


Unit 1: Communication, Media and Education

Lesson 1: Communication in Education

Lesson 2: Educational Communication through Performing Arts and Visual Arts

Lesson 3: Mass Media in Education: Print Media

Lesson 4: Mass Media in Education: Electronic and Digital Media

Lesson 5: Digital Media for Educational Activities: Types and Usage

Unit 2: Critical Media Awareness

Lesson 6: Understanding the Media Culture: Shaping the Views, Experiences, Taste, and Interaction

Lesson 7: Media as Text and Source of Education

Lesson 8: Stories and Narratives: Advertisements, Historical Serials and Social Films

Lesson 9: Attention, Perception and Memory in social media

Lesson 10: News and Views: Ownership, Sponsorship and Interests Covered

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