NIOS Class 12th Chemistry Important Questions With Solutions 200+ By Manish Verma ( Complete Nios Whole Syllabus )

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NIOS Class 12th Chemistry Important Questions With Solutions 200+ By Manish Verma ( Complete Nios Whole Syllabus )

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In this Book Covered Nios Complete Syllabus of Chemistry ( Book 1 + 2 ) With Notes.
Guaranteed Excellence Marks


Chemistry is a subject which is very difficult to understand easily and it involves so many chemical reactions which can never be remembered from our brain at once, if we read this subject for the first time then it will be even more for us. It becomes difficult or if we fall for it during the paper, then we face a lot of difficulties.

But I want to say with great pleasure that in such easy words with Notes With Important Question & Answer and Diagram, the entire syllabus has been compressed into a small book if you read it and its chemistry You remember the reaction, if you do not remember the chemical reaction, I have tried to explain it with the diagram and I know that if you read it I will not face difficulties, I have written this chemistry notes to you in view of the difficulties that I went through. And it is truly unique.

I have prepared this book according to my study experience, because the problem that came to me and my colleagues during my study did not come to all my friends, so I have explained this notes in easy words and the whole syllabus It is covered in this book and it has been told as much as you need for the exam and any competition exam like JEE Mains and many types of competition. The need for Tiv exam is hope that this book you will get well and my campaign you will get full cooperation of all.

खास बात : -
Covered Your All Syllabus CBSE Class (XI & XII)
Covered Your All Syllabus NIos Class XII
Effective Content
Every Topic Understandable With Diagram
Covered All Chemistry Reaction With Diagram
Covered All Organic Chemistry Name Reaction With Diagram
You will be able to know how to in exam.
Nios, CBSE, JEE Mains, Competitive Exam etc.

Covered All Topic
Physical Chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Team Manish Verma