Lucid Recess - Alive And Aware (2015) - Limited Edition Credit Card Pen Drive 4GB

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Buy the highly anticipated third full length album from Lucid Recess - Alive and Aware. The album has 11 tracks and clocks close to 65 minutes in length.

‘Alive and Aware’ is the follow up to Lucid Recess’ 2010 album ‘Engraved Invitation’, which according to RSJ magazine was one of the Top 3 Indian albums of 2010.

1. Dead Deep End
2. The Clock That Is Us
3. Wireless Junkies
4. Madness
5. Metamorphosis
6. You May Have Everything
7. Time Walk
8. What Made This Burn
9. Island
10. Changes Are Sold
11. Sphere of Nothingness

Album Teaser:

Three videos from the album have been released. Watch them below:
Wireless Junkies (One Shot Video):
Time Walk:
Changes Are Sold:

*This Limited Edition Credit Card Pen Drive will have the album artworks printed on both sides. It will include:
1. FLAC and MP3 tracks
2. PDF Lyrics Booklet
3. FULL HD Videos of all the videos from this album released so far
4. High-Res Album Artworks

It’s a 4GB Pen Drive with Toshiba Chip and will come in a Faux Leather Case.