Combo of 3 Short Stories - Bride Lost & Found + Two Cappuccino + Soul Laced

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Enjoy 3 Short Stories in One Combo.

Bride Lost & Found

On the verge of getting married, Niyati elopes to fetch her lost life, only to be found again. They say when you are destined for someone, you find him no matter how far you run. Is Niyati ending up in a hopeless situation by tying this knot or is this beginning of something sparkling?

Two Cappuccino

Khushi, a software Engineer is waiting at a Cafe Shop to meet the man her parents have selected through a matrimonial site. When Arnav, a banker, introduces himself as the same candidate she is here to meet, conversation begins and sparks fly over two cups of Cappuccino. Are they really meant to be for each other or is there a twist in the tale? A romantic tale which will make you fall in love with blind dates all over again.

Soul Laced

It is mostly said, we realize the value of a person only after we have lost them. But what if we get a chance to rekindle our relationship after crossing the barriers of life and death? Can you change your mindset about a relationship after touching the footsteps of death? What chances you have to fall in love with someone in your afterlife?

Alisha thinks she fell in love with someone in her after life. Is that true? Who is that mystery man? Read this Short Story to find it out.

A soulful love story with a twisted happy ending.

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