Creative Building Starter Kit

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₹ 1,950

This Lego compatible kit is suitable for anyone from 5 years to 99 years. It contains - bricks, plates, wheels, windows, plants, doors, eyes, building plates and many special educational parts. It can be used to make animals, buildings, birds, vehicles, objects, letters, structures, simple machines etc.

How is MakersLoft Lego compatible kit different and better than other classic sets available in the market?

  1. Our kits are designed by MakersLoft teachers who have taught Lego to hundreds of students. They know best what parts are good for learning vs what is good for playing only.
  2. We have carefully selected specific parts from years of experience working with a variety of expensive Lego education kits, and added it in this kit. You will not find these special parts in any Classic sets!
  3. You might get sets in the market with more number of parts but they are filled with many small parts that are not as useful. Those readymade sets hardly have enough basic 2x4 and 2x2 bricks. Our set has 40 such bricks.
  4. We have included in this set the most useful and broad variety of parts at the best possible price, so that your child can start their creative building journey with the best set.

This kit is used for our Lego Creative Building course

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