All India Math Madness Challenge - Registrations


All-India Math Madness Challenge

The Math Madness Challenge is an All-India challenge for kids in Upper KG – Standard V and will be held over a period of 8 days from Feb 18 – Feb 26, 2017

This is the largest ever and first ever event of its kind – conducted within the Monster Math App - named "Simply, the Best Math App" by PCAdvisorUK and used by over 20 Lakh kids across 50 countries; 500 schools and thousands of homes.

There are Scholarship of worth upto Rs 1.5 Lakhs to be won.

Every child will receive a Certificate of Participation and Certificate of Merit signed by the makkajai team and our US Educators - with 20+ years of teaching experience!

In addition to the prizes, there is no need to attend this Challenge at a physical location; it is a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself in Maths - so you and your child can choose how much and when you want to participate!

Play and win from the comfort of your own home! And without any pressures of timing! This is NOT AN EXAM AND NOT AN OLYMPIAD - This is a fun and relaxing way to engage your child and challenge her at the same time!

Brief Rules and Regulations:

  1. The Challenge is open to kids in Upper KG - Standard V - from any board

  2. The registration fee is Rs. 225

  3. The challenge covers Arithmetic as per the CBSE curriculum for each standard up to Standard 5

  4. After registration, you will be sent a registration email with a download link to the Free Version of Monster Math. You can download this version and keep playing (without choosing to upgrade if you so wish)

  5. On Feb 18, the app will feature a button "Math Madness Challenge" - clicking on which will start the Challenge for your child. We will send you mails before the Challenge as well as on the day of the Challenge with more exciting details!

  6. You DO NOT NEED THE INTERNET to play the game. However, to be ELIGIBLE TO WIN PRIZES AND BE PART OF THE LEADERBOARD, you will need to CONNECT YOUR DEVICE WITH THE MONSTER MATH APP TO THE INTERNET atleast once a day and start Monster Math - preferably, AT 9 PM

  7. Detailed terms and conditions will be put up on our website - - soon.

  8. For any questions, please write to "" or call on +91-91770-04158 or +91-96632-30314