Profile Evaluation: Basic

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₹ 5,900

A comprehensive review of your profile, on aspects similar to how top business schools evaluate candidate's profiles, culminating ultimately into an incredibly detailed report.

Ideal for candidates who have a target GMAT / GRE score. Even if you have not taken the tests yet, but have a target score, the evaluation is perfectly suited for you as it can give you an idea if your target scores are aligned with your goals.

Our profile evaluation is done on 5 major areas:
Academic Competency,
Life and Career Story,
Career Goals,
Leadership Profile,
Personal Attributes

Choose one of the three questions for your profile evaluation:
1. Which schools and programs best-fit your profile?
2. What are your chances for your dream schools?
3. How can you improve your profile?

At the end of the review, you receive a detailed report which highlight the following:
- Clear, detailed answers to your question.
- Actionable insights on how you can further improve your profile.

Terms of Service:
- It is the candidate's responsibility to choose the correct options in the profile evaluation form.
- For Q1 above, we suggest MIM programs for candidates with less than 2 years of experience at the time of joining.
- For Q1 above, we suggest MBA programs for candidates with 2 or more years of experience at the time of joining.
- There are NO REFUNDS possible.
- For detailed Terms of Service, visit: