101 Ways to Grow Your Startup

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Grow Your Startup

“You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain”, said Miyamoto Musashi.

The core fabric of Entrepreneurship is about stepping outside "this is the only way" mindset.

If you're already on your entrepreneurial journey, you already know there’s a better way.

In fact, there are many ways - alternative ways, faster ways, smarter ways, more impactful, creative, offbeat, and better ways. This is true for solving any problem - For filling the void, identifying your market, creating value, designing solutions, and growing your startup.

That's exactly what this book is about. In this book, you will learn 101 WAYS to grow your startup.

Alternative Startup Growth

Think of this as your handbook to startup growth strategies.

Each method includes step-by-step execution instructions to help you start executing as you read.

You can start this book with any of the 101 methods and you don't have to read it in serial order. You can learn and execute each method independently. So pick the ones most relevant to you now and get started.

In the various phases of your startup, You will have different goals to achieve at different times. Hence, the longer you use this book, the more value you can get from it.

Refer to it now and return to it each time you have new goals for your startup growth. The methods in the book are tagged with keywords such as B2B, B2C, Social, Advertising, SEO, Email among others to help you understand the domain these methods apply to.

However, keep in mind these methods are not limited to such categories and you can apply them in different ways outside of their own scope as well.

That is, after all, the beauty of alternative growth strategies.

List of 101 Methods

Chapter 1 - Piggybacking your Competitor’s Twitter to Generate Highly-Qualified Leads
Chapter 2 - Boost Content Engagement by 60% Using 10-Minute Video Creation & Publishing
Chapter 3 - Go Viral with New Social Followers and Email Subscribers Using this Contest Workflow
Chapter 4 - Leverage Other People’s APIs for automated content curation
Chapter 5 - Get huge lead databases based on companies using a specific technology
Chapter 6 - Show up inside High Ranking Search Results for Specific Keywords
Chapter 7 - Get Content Shares from Influencers without Paying them
Chapter 8 - Turn Your Website Visitors to Conversions with this Simple Hack
Chapter 9 - Find the Right Content Topics for Lead Generation using Quora
Chapter 10 - Scrape the Email IDs from any Website and Fill your Email Funnel
Chapter 11 - Simple Trick to Increase Blog-to-Social Media Conversions
Chapter 12 - Content marketing, social proofing, branding and lead generation through Micro-Influencer Marketing on Instagram
Chapter 13 - SEO Hacking Workflow to Rank on Google within Weeks
Chapter 14 - Use this Secret Google Search Phrase to Generate B2B Leads
Chapter 15 - Get PR for your Startup or Business by Connecting Directly to Journalists
Chapter 16 - How to Reach 100% of your Facebook Page Fans to Take Action for your Business
Chapter 17 - Simple Hack to Ensure your Marketing Emails Hit the Inbox
Chapter 18 - Quick Link Building Hack Using OPW Broken Links
Chapter 19 - Automate your Social Media Content Calendar with Auto-Pilot Content Curation
Chapter 20 - Get the First 5000 Downloads of your New Mobile App
Chapter 21 - Get Unlimited New and Relevant Guest Blogging Opportunities
Chapter 22 - Steal your Industry's Best Facebook Ads
Chapter 23 - A Simple Way to Boost Twitter Followers & Engagement
Chapter 24 - Simple Readability Hack to Improve UX and Boost SEO
Chapter 25 - Get Highly Relevant Media Coverage for your Startup
Chapter 26 - Get Unlimited Leads from LinkedIn for Free
Chapter 27 - Quickly Boost your Facebook Business Page Likes
Chapter 28 - Steal SEO Keywords & Strategy of your Competitors
Chapter 29 - Boost Conversions with Free Chatbots on your website
Chapter 30 - Sell Like a PRO with Influencer Marketing
Chapter 31 - Generate the Perfect Content Topics with this Simple Hack
Chapter 32 - Up your #INSTAGAME Using the Right Instagram Hashtags
Chapter 33 - How to Build your Beta Product or MVP in 15 Minutes
Chapter 34 - Find Business Emails for any Company Website for Free
Chapter 35 - Easy Hacks for Link Building on Steroids using Search Operators
Chapter 36 - Simple Link Building Hack Using 404 Pages
Chapter 37 - Gain your First 5000 Genuine Instagram Followers
Chapter 38 - Find & Extract UNLIMITED LEADS from Facebook Posts
Chapter 39 - How to Generate New Blog Topics Quickly
Chapter 40 - Generate Business Leads in Bulk for Free
Chapter 41 - Generate Leads from 1.4 Million Websites
Chapter 42 - How to Get a Perfect Landing Page
Chapter 43 - Generate Unlimited Blog Ideas and Q&A Discussion Topics
Chapter 44 - Turn your Blog into a Lead Generation Machine with Side Projects
Chapter 45 - Generate Highly-Relevant Leads using Twitter Search
Chapter 46 - How to Corrupt Other Website’s Google Analytics Data
Chapter 47 - Link Building Hack Using DMCA complaints
Chapter 48 - Find the Email ID of any LinkedIn Profile
Chapter 49 - How to get Consulting Clients all over the World
Chapter 50 - Steal Twitter Followers of your Competitors
Chapter 51 - Simple Tool to Spy on your Competitor's Website Keywords
Chapter 52 - Secret Twitter Search for Lead generation & Data Extraction
Chapter 53 - Write Professional Emails that SELL (without a copywriter)
Chapter 54 - Easy hack to get unlimited Guest Blogging opportunities
Chapter 55 - Use Torrents and Free Distribution Websites to Sell your Products
Chapter 56 - How to Create a GIF and Make it Go Trending!
Chapter 57 - Launch your Logo, Branding, Social Media & Website for Free
Chapter 58 - Dominate Google Search for your Product or Service
Chapter 59 - Simple hack to reduce bounce rate & 2X Page Views!
Chapter 60 - Turn Gmail into an Email Marketing Monster
Chapter 61 - The Growth Marketer’s Keyword Research Method
Chapter 62 - How to get your first $1.5 Million Deal for your first business
Chapter 63 - How to Find all your Competitor's Social Media Ads
Chapter 64 - 3 Simple Hacks for Youtube Marketing
Chapter 65 - The Content Writer’s Context Method
Chapter 66 - The 'Illusion of Competition' Growth Hack (For Services)
Chapter 67 - Design Mockups for Free with this Simple Hack
Chapter 68 - Show up on the first page of Google in minutes
Chapter 69 - The PR Executive's Link Building Method
Chapter 70 - Marketing your Tool Through a Free Course
Chapter 71 - Become a Top Author on Quora
Chapter 72 - The 'Next steps: todo list' to boost product retention
Chapter 73 - The Designer’s Guest Infographic Method
Chapter 74 - Spy on your Competitor's Best Selling Products
Chapter 75 - How to Find & Leverage Public Slack Communities for your Business
Chapter 76 - The 'Illusion of Size' B2B Hack
Chapter 77 - Make your own Free Email Course for Brand Building and Lead Generation
Chapter 78 - The Team Leader’s “RANK 0” Method
Chapter 79 - Generate a Native Mobile App from your Website in 5 Minutes for Free
Chapter 80 - How to Spy on your Competitor's Ads on Facebook!
Chapter 81 - The Entrepreneur’s Minimum Viable SEO Method
Chapter 82 - 2-minute Hack to Boost the Engagement on your Facebook and LinkedIn Organic shares
Chapter 83 - The Copywriter's CTR Boost Method
Chapter 84 - 4X your Email Link Clicks
Chapter 85 - The Visionary's Future-Proof SEO Method
Chapter 86 - Get new LinkedIn connections on Auto-Pilot
Chapter 87 - The Instagram Auto-Liker Hack
Chapter 88 - How to Find NEW Growth Hacks Quickly
Chapter 89 - The 'Image Contribution' Hack
Chapter 90 - Find Email IDs using Name and Domain Name
Chapter 91 - Finding all Email IDs Associated with a Domain
Chapter 92 - Optimize your Web Meta Tags in 2 Minutes Without Coding
Chapter 93 - The 'Illusion of Competition' Growth Hack (For Products)
Chapter 94 - How to Steal Other People's Medium Followers
Chapter 95 - How to Generate B2B leads Using OPNs & OPDCs
Chapter 96 - Simple Hack to Boost Website Speed without a Developer
Chapter 97 - Leverage Ad Platforms Marketers Haven't Mastered
Chapter 98 - Genuine Way to Boost App Downloads by 25% with just $5
Chapter 99 - The 'Reverse Engineering' Quora Hack
Chapter 100 - Leverage your competitor's backlinks for your website
Chapter 101 - Boost Email Response Rates with the 'Scenario-Based' Emailer

Additional Resources

Along with the ebook, you will also get access to:

All the Javascripts used in the growth methods
Downloadable planners and worksheets
Free or low-cost growth tool recommendations
Email templates used in the growth methods
Reference case studies