30 Growth Hacks for 2019

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30 growth hacks for 2019

With Step-by-Step Video Explanations

EP1. The 'Image Contribution' Hack
EP2. Finding Author Email IDs + Featured Image Contribution
EP3. Finding all Email IDs associated with a Domain
EP4. The 'Illusion of Competition' Growth Hack (For Services)
EP5. The 'Illusion of Competition' Growth Hack (For Products)
EP6. Growth Hack your Paid Marketing Campaigns Using Offbeat Channels + Ultimate list of offbeat channels for advertising
EP7. Make Money from Side Projects, Content, and Crowdfunding Goals
EP8. Optimise your website meta tags in 2 minutes without coding
EP9: 10x the response rate on your email newsletter
EP10. 101+ Side Project Ideas and Additional Revenue Stream for 2019 + Resources with ideas
EP11. Leverage this emerging channel right now for product referrals
EP12. The Instagram Auto Liker Hack (+Script Code Included)
EP13. 4X your Email Link Clicks
EP14. Boost the reach of your LinkedIn link shares
EP15. The 'scenario-based' email hack to boost response rates
EP16. How to Steal Other People's Medium Followers
EP17. Republish Content on BIG Publications to Boost + List of Publications
EP18. Leverage your competitor's backlinks for your website
EP19. Genuine Way to Boost App Downloads by 25% with just $5
EP20. Leverage Ad Platforms Marketers Haven't Mastered: Reddit & Quora Advertising
EP21. Simple Hack to Boost Website Speed without a Developer
EP22. The 'Reverse Engineering' Quora Hack
EP23. 100+ Startup Submission Directories to Boost Visibility + Resource with List of Directories
EP24. Marketing your tool through a free course
EP25. The 'Illusion of Size' B2B Hack
EP26: The 'Next steps: todo list' to boost product retention
EP27. Free Tool for On-Site Keyword Optimisation of Any Web Page
EP28. Simple Readability Hack to Improve UX and SEO
EP29. 100% more Email Opens with these Subject Lines (+Subject Testing Tool)
EP30. Leverage community-based marketing by launching your own 2019-ready micro social network in 2 minutes