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This Exclusive 'Growth Hacking Masterclass' has 4 modules and 26 lessons:

MODULE 1: PREPARE (7 lessons)
MODULE 2: LEARN (8 lessons)
MODULE 3: EXECUTE (8 lessons)
MODULE 4: MEASURE & SCALE (3 lessons)


(Video and text lessons)

Lesson 1: Business Model Canvas
Lesson 2: Product-Market Fit
Lesson 3: Minimal Viable Product
Lesson 4: Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Lesson 5: Digital Marketing Vs Growth Hacking
Lesson 6: User Personas Vs Channel Personas
Lesson 7: Growth Personas


(All VIDEO lessons with text supplements and worksheets)

Lesson 1: Introducing to Growth Hacking - Clearing misconceptions and explaining what exactly growth hacking means, and mindset building
Lesson 2: Why Growth Hacking - Importance of growth hacking
Lesson 3: Growth Hacking Case Studies & Examples - International case studies, Indian case studies, Industry-specific case studies, B2B examples, B2C examples
Lesson 4: Growth Hacking + The Lean Startup - What we derive from the LEAN METHODOLOGY for growth hacking
Lesson 5: Growth Hacking Funnel - A3R3 Framework - Stages of growth hacking and how to design growth hacks for each stage of the funnel
Lesson 6: Channel Persona Creation Template using The Tripe Peak Effect - How to choose a growth hacking channel
Lesson 7: Rules of the Growth Mindset - How to build a growth mindset for long-term growth campaign ideation and execution
Lesson 8: Growth Hacking Terms and Glossary


(All VIDEO lessons with text supplements and worksheets)

Lesson 1: Growth Hacking Tools - Deep Hunting - How are growth hacking tools different than digital marketing and inbound marketing tools and how to find them using Deep hunting
Lesson 2: Growth Hacks Types - User psychology growth hacks, OPN hacks, Outbound to Inbound growth hacks, Twitter growth hacks, Side-Project Marketing, Influence Hacking - Explaining different types of growth hacking along with examples and case studies for each (OPN, OPP, OPA, APIGH, O2I, THGH, UPGH, and others)
Lesson 3: Growth Hacking Process - Explaining the complete step-by-step GROWTH HACKING PROCESS from experimentation to scale
Lesson 4: Growth Hacking Experiment Design - How to design growth experiments, how to decide the number of growth experiments based on OMTMs, how to brainstorm for growth experiments.
Lesson 5: Growth Hacks Ideation & Brainstorming - Best growth hacks to find growth hacks
Lesson 6: Actionable Growth Hacking Workflows
Lesson 7: Growth Hacking Implementation - How to implement growth hacks in teams using tech to scale
Lesson 8: Growth Hacking Prioritisation Frameworks


(All VIDEO lessons with text supplements and worksheets)

Lesson 1: Growth Hacking Metrics & Lean Analytics - LEAN ANALYTICS
Lesson 2: How to calculate ESRs (Experiment Success Ratios) to analyse growth experiments and find growth hacks
Lesson 3: Scaling Growth - How to scale growth once you've found the UNICORN growth hack using tech

This course also includes:

Premium growth hacking workflows
3 premium growth hacking ebooks included in the price
B2B and B2C Growth hacking case studies from 2017
Excel calculators for experiments and analytics
JavaScript codes to automate your growth hacks
Lifetime access to the PRO GH channel in the Slack community
Free Growth hacking toolkits and templates