The '30 Growth Hacks' Series: Season 3

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30 new, premium growth hacks with quick step-by-step explanation videos.

The latest series of 30 growth hacks

Growth Hacking Daily is a series of growth hacks where we will expose one secret growth hack every day. Rishabh Dev will teach you step-by-step implementation of these hacks in the form of daily videos which will be uploaded here and sent to you via email.

Ask questions on each video (NEW!)

This is a new feature being introduced in Season 3. You can now comment on every daily growth hack video and ask any questions you have about the execution. Either Rishabh himself, or someone from the Mapplinks team will answer all your questions.

Get the daily hacks via email (NEW!)

In this edition, we introduce the email edition of all the daily hacks. Apart from the video series which you can access anytime, you will also get a summary of the hacks via daily emails.


Q. How will I get access to the 30 daily growth hacks?

Once you've enrolled for this series, you will get access to a dashboard where one hack will be uploaded every day. Each hack in Series 3 will also be sent to you via email along with a link to watch the video on your dashboard.

Q. Can I enroll for Series 3 if I haven't taken Series 1 & 2

Absolutely! Every series has 30 new hacks. You can learn the hacks in all the series or any series you like. You can start with Series 3 and take up Series 2 and 1 later. They can be learnt in any order.

Q. Will I get access to the hacks after 30 days?

The series comes with lifetime access. Once the series is complete, all the hacks will be available for you to watch and refer to on your Academy dashboard forever!

Q. Can I ask questions or doubts regarding the hacks?

Series 3 is the first time we're introducing a comment option where you can ask a question about the hacks in the videos itself. We will answer every question we get.

Q. Can I see some sample videos to understand how the hacks are explained?

Of course, you can take our 30 Growth Hacks Series: Free Edition to get an idea of how the videos look. Please note that the premium series videos are longer (around 5 minutes) compared to the free series (2 minute hacks) and will include more resources and information.