The Lean Branding & Design Course

₹ 8,999

Launch your new brand, the lean way.

Build a brand for your new product or service, setup & design all the brand elements in a few hours without paying for a design team or consultants.

With This Lean Brand Setup & Design Course!

Your startup or small business has the potential to grow BIGGER and BETTER with the right BRANDING. If you're launching a new product or service, or if you run a startup or business, you need to get your brand elements and identity in place

Designers and brand consultants are extremely expensive and most times, you don't know what you're paying for! When you're bootstrapped or working on lower budgets, you don't want to invest all your funding in branding.

However, you can have a professional-looking, consistent, and high-quality branding WITHOUT hiring a design or branding team or agency!

Interested? Read on...

I've run a digital agency for the past 10 years and have worked with many entrepreneurs and business owners on their branding and digital marketing projects.

Most business owners don't know what they're paying for when it comes to branding and hence ignore it all together.

The best way is the middle way...

Make sure you have all your brand elements with you and use them to maintain brand consistency and create a STRONG brand image and message.

And you can do this without any investment in teams and freelancers in just a few hours.

Here's the list of brand elements you will create in this lean branding course

  1. Brand name and domain name
  2. Brand logo - icon & wordmark
  3. Brand typography
  4. Band graphics style and imagery
  5. Brand color palette
  6. Business Card
  7. T-shirt
  8. Social Media Post Templates
  9. Social Media Cover Photos and Profile Photos
  10. Infographics for Blogs & Digital Marketing
  11. Letterheads
  12. Presentation templates
  13. Mediakit or Presskit
  14. Web Banners
  15. Facebook Ads for Digital Marketing
  16. Google Ads and Web Ads for Digital Marketing
  17. Email Marketing Headers
  18. Social Media Usernames
  19. App Icons for Mobile App Listings
  20. Favicon for Websites
  21. Brand Pattern for Backgrounds
  22. Whitepaper and Case Study Templates
  23. Product or Service Brochure
  24. Invoice Template for Freelancing or Businesses
  25. Product or Service Video
  26. Product Mockups
  27. Images for Blogs
  28. Brand Book for Reference
  29. Fully responsive one-page website
  30. A Database of all your Brand's Design Elements for Future Use

The video lessons in this course will be a combination of BRANDING KNOWLEDGE + TOOLS + METHODS so by the end of the course you can:

  1. Ensure brand consistency in your communications
  2. Have a database of brand graphics and images for future use
  3. Create a brand voice and character leading to brand recognition
  4. Have a database of ads and digital marketing collateral
  5. Get a one-page, fully responsive website for your business
  6. Have ready-to-use social media and Google ads for your online advertising campaigns
  7. Create whitepapers, case studies, and presentations fast and easy with templates
  8. Reserve the right social media usernames and domains before others take them
  9. Get the essential letterheads, banners, and invoice template to run your business
  10. Get a professional-looking brand identity
  11. Make your presskit and mediakit public to get more PR visibility and appreciation
  12. Stand out of your competitor by having the branding edge and advantage
  13. Create a strong brand recognition using consistent communication elements
  14. Make your online presence top-notch just like your product or service
  15. Save around $20,000 on brand consultants, designers, and agencies!

And much more..

You will have a COMPLETE BRAND DATABASE at the end of this course with the LOGO, WEBSITE, TEMPLATES, VIDEO and all other brand elements you will need!

This course is designed to keep you stay focused on what really matters and learn the top 20% BRANDING lessons, skills, and tools to get 80% of the results and output you need for your brand.

All registrations will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course material and the course updates.
Regular course updated and new tutorials to be added forever.