The Lean Web Scraping Course

₹ 3,999


Learn to scrape data from any website, without coding!

After an introduction to growth hacking and data scraping, we will cover the following key topics in this course:

  1. How to create a web scraping workflow
  2. How to scrape data from multiple pages on a single click
  3. How to run scraping tasks from your browser
  4. How to import data from a website to your Excel or Google Sheets
  5. How to use 'data scraping' recipe to automate your data extraction process

Also includes:

Shortcuts and hacks for one-click scraping
Custom scraping workflows
Scrape jobs for automation
Table scrapes
HTML scraping
Auto-pagination hacks for multi-page scraping


Mode of training: VIDEO
Duration of training: SELF-PACED

The course will have STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIALS on video guiding you through the entire data scraping process. You will have lifetime access to the videos and can take the course at your own pace.

At the end of the course, you will be provided with a certification by Mapplinks Academy.

This course is not just for entrepreneurs and marketers. ANYONE who wants to learn how to scrape data can take this up.

This course will be particularly useful in:

Web Scraping
Growth Hacking
Lead Generation
Competitor Research
Business Development
Digital Marketing

And to show off your sexy new skill to your colleagues and friends!


If you're a growth hacker or digital marketing, you would usually think of the most common application of web scraping as: LEAD GENERATION.

However, that's not all!

OTHER THAN the application of web scraping in growth hacking, here are the other ways people use Web Scraping -

Listings gathering - This is an area where the businesses are using web scraping to gather already listings from any website (example: job listings, real estate listings, etc - can be applied to any industry
Email Address gathering - The purpose of this is lead generation. Lead generation and Email extraction is a big application of web scraping for both B2B and B2C companies
Product review scrapes - this is an important one and the reason why many companies use it is so that they can keep an eye on their competitors.
Scraping for database creation or app creation - The purpose is to get similar data from different websites and then post all that data into one.
Social listening - Collecting data from different social media websites, whats trending and whats in.
Stat collection - Getting massive amounts of data for research purposes - This could be scraping of government websites or other websites for stats, general information and such.
Research & analysis - Research companies pull in massive amounts of data and then make sense of it. Usually, this data is put into an analytics tool.
User sentiment & product feedback analysis - Understanding customer sentiment and feedback by extracting reviews from E-commerce portals and other public forums
Product catalog creation - Building product catalog and using price data from competitive pricing
Social campaign extraction - Extracting data from social media sites that allow crawling to gauge consumer trend and the way they react to campaigns
Aggregator creation - Extracting hotel data and airline data to build aggregators, generate leads and provide better custom experience from the insights derived from the reviews
Comparison sites - Building price comparison sites
Risk prevention - Various government and private watchdogs can use web scraping to prevent malicious activities
Competitor Analytics - Competitive intelligence by monitoring other players
Reputation management - Scrape people profiles from social networks for tracking online reputation
SEO - Scrape search engine results for SEO tracking
Ad targeting - Provide better targeted ads to their customers


L1. Introduction to Lean Web Scraping [Video Lesson]
L2: Scrape Email IDs from Text (+ Bonus Facebook Lead Generation Hack Inside) [Video Lesson]
L3. Scrape Email IDs from a Web Page (+ Secret Google Search String Inside) [Video Lesson]
L4: Scrape marketplaces to make your own listings website [Video Lesson]
L5: Scrape data for analysis or research reports [Video Lesson]
L6: Scrape search results from Social Media (+ Social Media Marketing Hack Inside) [Video Lesson]
L7a: Scrape info of top companies in any industry [Part A] [Video Lesson]
L7b: Scrape info of top companies in any industry [Part B] [Video Lesson]
L8: Scrape data from pagination in e-commerce websites [Video Lesson]

Bonus Resources

L9,10,11: Using Google Docs for Scraping Data [Video Lesson]
L9,10,11: Cheatsheet for Using Google Docs for Scraping Data [PDF Guide]
L12: Scrape Mobile Numbers from Website or Text [PDF Guide](+ Bonus Lead Generation Hack)
L13: Scrape Social Media Usernames & Mentions Using Excel or Google Sheets [PDF Guide]

Web Scraping is a general skill will can be used in many specific applications.

Here are 10 examples of what you can do with your new web scraping skills!

  1. Scrape lists of job openings, real estate openings, hotel bookings, airfare listings, classifieds, or practically any other listing website
  2. Generate leads with email addresses and phone numbers from company websites and business directories
  3. Perform competitor analysis by scraping product reviews, competitor feedback, competitor tweets, and other assets.
  4. Create aggregator websites by scraping data & listings of multiple websites in a specific niche or domain.
  5. Use data from different social media websites by simple scrapes for social listening
  6. Scrape search engine results to track and analyse SEO performance
  7. Scrape e-commerce products for building your own e-commerce aggregator or price comparison website
  8. Scrape RSS feeds of all the blogs in your niche for analysis, content research, or social media marketing.
  9. Scrape ads of your competitor's from social media to improve your own advertising strategy
  10. Create your own affiliate marketing websites by scraping products and re-selling them on your blog or site.


Bonus resources and updates will be added to this course regularly and will be available for everyone lifetime.

This course can be taken up by anyone. Students, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Market Research Teams, Analysts, Content Writers, Content Marketers, Research Associates, Business Owners, and Technology Enthusiasts. Anyone can use web scraping for various applications!

Here's what they think:

"The freedom of scrapping data from any website is amazing. I can see myself saving ton loads of time on manual processes and workflows. Already executed one to save a week work time. Thanks for the new SUPERPOWER Rishabh. Keep making awesome content and let people discover the real worth of internet." 🙂

Piyush Sharma
Co-founder at KreedOn

Recently, I purchased your lean web scraping course. I can't believe it's so simple and amazing. I don't have any coding skills but you made the course so easy for me to scrape websites and data by using your simple growth hacks. Before joining into the course, I thought It would be really hard to scrape the web. But you really changed the game with your course. For me, The lean web scarping course is the game changer. I really loved the way of your teaching and looking forward to enrol for growth hacking masterclass.

Lakshmikanth Rokkam
Digital Marketer


Bonus resources and updates will be added to this course regularly and will be available for everyone lifetime.