Ultimate Collection of Digital Marketing Checklists

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Do you know how your brain works?

Your brain looks for the process - the steps involved. It runs through lists and checks. Here's the biggest mistake you're making: NOT USING CHECKLISTS.

Checklists are the fuel for your brain.

They're the best gift you can give to boost your cognitive abilities, to remember everything, and to execute like the ultimate PRO.

Now, let's talk about digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a HUGE field of study with multiple sub-topics, tools, and processes. You cannot keep all of these in your working memory all the time. If you want to be TOP OF YOUR GAME, you must have this on your fingertips. Even if you're focused on any one area within digital marketing, your right brain always needs to see the BIG PICTURE.

Want to be TOP OF YOUR GAME?

Now here's the good news: I've made this VERY VERY EASY for you.

I've created more than 100 checklists that cover everything in digital marketing. You can review, learn, or execute anything in digital marketing with these simple, well-documented checklists.

All the checklists come with printable versions and excel worksheets which you can use to keep executing.

With these checklists:

  1. You will never go wrong with your marketing process
    Using these checklists, you will ensure you're always following the best-practice and the recommended process for all your digital marketing activities. The checklists are also available in printable files which you can use at your desk or workspace.

  2. You will remember everything you learned in Digital Marketing and go beyond
    The lists include step-by-step workflows, tools, and concept so you can remember everything you learned and lots you didn't with these checklists.

  3. You will save time and improve your marketing output
    All the checklists here are compiled by Mapplinks Academy and created by experts in the industry. This will let you stand on the shoulders of giants and save time while you focus on execution.

  4. You will be a better manager or executive to your marketing team
    If you're an executive or CEO or manager, with these checklists, you can delegate tasks and processes to your marketing team like a real PRO.