The Lockdown Social Media Course

₹ 555

Earning by Learning from Home

Topics to be covered -
Introduction to Social Media
Facebook Profile vs Page vs Group
How to increase engagement on Facebook Page/Group
How to optimize Facebook Page
How to optimize Instagram Profile
How to become Instagram Influencer
How to monetize Instagram Profile
How to generate Leads(Organic & Inorganic)
Facebook Paid Ads Creation & Execution
How to start earning as a Freelancer

Bonus Skills -
Graphic Designing using Canva or Effective PPT Creation (Select any one)
Mentors -
Avnish Goswami (4+ years of exp. in Digital Marketing, specialized in Paid ads optimization)
Abhishek Kumar (3+ years of exp. in Freelancing and Social Media Optimization)
Tanu Sinha (Instagram Influencer)
Anurag Roy (18+ Years of exp. in Offline & Online Marketing, specialized in strategic Marketing)

Class Delivery - Online, Duration - 10 hrs (2 hrs X 5 days)

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