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In this book, you'll learn step by step how to start your first business.

Here is what you'll see inside.

My Story and Why You Need This Book

Part I
Chapter 1: Business Idea Generation
Chapter 1 (Bonus): Business Idea Generation Exercise and List of Business Ideas
Chapter 2. Right Reason for Starting a Business
Chapter 3. Common pitfalls of an entrepreneur and how to avoid them
Chapter 4. Validating Your Idea
Chapter 5: No excuses. Find a way out
Chapter 6. Going all in. Making sure that you succeed

Part II
Chapter 7. Naming your business. What to call it?
Chapter 8. Branding for your business

Part III
Chapter 9. Understanding and Defining Your Market
Chapter 10. Taking your business to the market and getting your first customers

Part IV
Chapter 11. Communication
Chapter 12. Sales and Sales for those who do not love it

Part V
Chapter 13. Power of Generosity and Selfless Help
Chapter 14. Importance of Right Association, Productivity for Entrepreneurs, and How to Increase Chances of Your Success

Part VI
Chapter 15. Beyond the Basics. Growing Your Business
Chapter 16. When to incorporate your business? Private Limited, Partnership or LLP?
Chapter 17. How to build a business as an employee, student or a homemaker, and A Year Long Revenue Growth Plan
Chapter 18: Creating and launching a website: How to take your business online

See if this is for you.

This is not for you:
* If you are not ready to put in work and invest time.
* You are not willing to try different strategies because success may take multiple tries.
* If you already run a business because this is for those who are willing to start their first business.

This is for you;
* If you are willing to work hard and put in work.
* Learn what it takes to run a successful business.
* Are in it for a long haul.
* Want to get the freedom and satisfaction that comes from building a successful business.

Best wishes as you start the journey of learning and building your first business.

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