Impact of Data Policies on Artificial Intelligence

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How should one approach AI regulation in India? Should one wait for the applications to roll out so that the risks can be measured and then regulated? Should AI be left to be self-regulated? Do emotion recognition algorithms work? What are its possible implications? Will the usage of AI mean constant trade-offs between privacy and utility?

These are some of the key issues raised at MediaNama's online discussion on the Impact of Data Policies on Artificial Intelligence, held on January 21, 2021. As India ahead in the global digital economy, we felt it was imperative to discuss the impact of AI development on rights and privacy, particularly in context of upcoming regulations in India on usage of data i.e. the proposed Personal Data Protection Act and a regulatory framework for Non Personal Data.

This report is a summary of the key issues raised in the discussion. We hosted this discussion with support from Facebook, Microsoft, and Flipkart. The Centre for Internet and Society was a community partner for the sessions.