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Pyramid Tour

Min 1,000

Enjoy Spiritual Pyramid Tour which covers 6 Pyramids starting from Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru to Maheshwara Pyramid, Hyderabad. You will be taken through 6 excited pyramids for your spiritual evolution :

1) Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru
2) Kamadhenu Pyramid Dhyana Aadhyatmika Kshetram, Jetavanam, Kotala, AP
3) Buddha Pyramid Meditation Center, Kurnool
4) Sree Veerabrahmendra Pyramid Meditation Center, Bethamcherla, AP
5) Sri Omkareshwara Ashtadasa Pyramid Meditation Centre, Achampet, AP
6) Maheshwara Maha Pyramid, Kadthal, Hyderabad

NOTE : INR 1000 is the minimum amount to register your ticket in advance. Rest of the amount can be paid through online or cheque. Contact organizer for more details.