The Balance Mantra 100% Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil For Hair and Skin, 100ml

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The Balance Mantra's Sweet Almond Oil is cold pressed to retain healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by being exposed to heat. Sweet Almond Oil is a non-greasy, multi-purpose solution for hair, face, body, nails and diluting aromatherapy essential oils.

It is an emollient and absorbs easily into the skin, refreshing and hydrating tissues without clogging pores.

These features combine to make Sweet Almond Oil an effective natural solution to relieve dry skin, itching, soreness and inflammation, especially when these issues arise from skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

Equipped with a mild, pleasant scent, almond oil is perfect for household and personal care products, such as moisturizers, hair conditioners, and massage oils.

Sweet almond oil helps hydrate the skin and can be used as a total body moisturizer- a natural alternative to over-the-counter skin creams.

Our sweet almond oil is the perfect cross between not-too-greasy, yet not-too-absorbing, pairing as an ideal, ultra smooth aromatherapy oil.

Everyday makeup removers contain synthetic ingredients that can irritate the skin. Our sweet almond oil nourishes hair, adding shine and lustre from long term damage.