Sleep Easy - Essential Oil Blend To Enhance Sleep, 10ML

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Do You Want To Wake Up Feeling Like a Million Dollars?

Then pay attention to the quality of your sleep. It's essential that you slow down and create a relaxed atmosphere to induce great quality sleep. Sleep is the time that your body recharges itself. Modern day stresses and fast paced life doesn't allow us to relax enough.

Don't take your sleep for granted anymore!

Allow Sleep Easy to help you relax before you sleep so that you can enjoy deep rest and peace through the night.

You can diffuse them in your room for a soothing sleepy atmosphere, dilute with a carrier oil and apply on your skin or just inhale the aroma. To improve the quality of your sleep also pay attention to EMF Waves, Geopathic Stress Zones and other environmental factors.

Please check some of the uses/benefits of Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend: 1. Try placing few drops on your pillow, comforter, bed sheet at night or on the bottom of your feet to release tension and promote a good night's rest. 2. You can place few drops on cotton swab or paper tissue or on back of your palm and sniff for relaxation. 3. Massage on the reflex points of the feet and back of the neck for a soothing and relaxing effect. 4. Gently rub few drops on back of your palms or paper tissue and inhale often. Apply few drops behind ears, on wrists, temples, the back of the neck, on the bottom of the feet or necklace diffuser to calm and relax. 5. Unwind & Soothe Aromatically – Diffuse a few drops of Sleep Easy to unwind and soothe after a stressful day.