Donate A Healthy Childhood For 3 Girls


You can ensure a taboo free, confident adolescence for 3 girls with a nominal amount of INR 1000/-. We are collecting funds to take menstrual education to those who need it the most - young girls in rescue organisations, slums, rural parts of India, etc.

Our donation process is very straightforward. With the help of our network and partner organisations, we make sure that your donation for 3 books translates into 3 Menstrupedia Comics for girls who cannot afford to buy them. Menstrupedia comic is a friendly guide to periods that contains all the necessary information regarding periods narrated by beautifully illustrated characters in a story. You can read the first chapter of the book here -

We believe that this small act of kindness will form a chain of change - one girl learning about periods and sharing the book/knowledge with others in her family and friends. Someday, she too would have a daughter who will carry this torch of period-positivity far and wide. All that you need to do, is throw a stone to create this ripple effect. Together we can build a world where all girls will be period-ready and have a happy girlhood.

Please feel free to send us your queries, if any, about donations at ( You can help break the cycle of shame and taboo around menstruation. Donate now!