Complete Stock Market 360 Course In (Hindi)

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Complete Stock Market 360 Course
Module 1
Introduction to Indian Stock Market
‌Why Investing is Important & Where to Invest?
Information About Investing and Trading
‌What is the Stock (Exchange) Market?
‌Stock Market Participants
‌Regulator of Market
‌Financial Intermediaries in the markets
Role of Stock Broker

Module 2
Information About Demat & Trading Account
How to Select Right Broker
Demat & Trading Account Opening Process
Product and Service Associated with Stock Market
Before Making First Trade Learn Why People Lose Money in Stock Market
Learn to Take Right time Entry and Exits
Importance of Trading psychology

Module 3
Introduction to Indian Commodity Future Market
Understanding Commodities
Commodity Derivatives Trade on Global Exchanges
Understanding Derivatives and Commodity Futures Trading
Regulatory Framework of Commodity Market in India
Product and Service Associated With Commodity Market

Module 4
Introduction to Market Analysis
Importance of Technical Analysis
Introduction of Technical Analysis
History of Technical Analysis
Information About Charting Software
Types of Charts

Module 5
Candlestick Chart Basics
Types of Market Trend
Bullish Candlesticks Pattern
Bearish Candlesticks Pattern
Support & Resistance
Draw Trend Line
Introduction to Indicators & Oscillators
Introduction to Moving Averages
How to Use RSI
How to Use Stochastic
How to Use MACD

Module 6
Gap Theory
Fibonacci Analysis
Difference Types of Trading Strategies
Free Online Charting Software and Market Scanners
Super Trend Trading Strategies
Moving Average Trading Strategies
RSI Trading Strategies