Visual Basic 6.0 Notes Easy to understand by Abhishek Shrivastava [Micro Solution,]

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You can find these topic in this notes :

About Visual basic 6.0.
Features of Visual basic.
IDE Components of VB. (Project, Form, Tool box, Project Explorer, Property Window, Form layout window, Code window)
Visual basic Events.
Tokens (Data type, Variable)
The Visual basic Operators
How to use MsgBox & Input Box.
Control Statements with example.
Array in Visual basic.
Check Box, Radio Button with example.
How to use List box.
How to use Combo box.
Working with Multiple forms
SDI Form & MDI Form.
Creating a Menus Like File, Edit.
Data Base Connectivity (ADODC, ADODB) With Project
How to use Picture Box, Image Box.
How to use Timer.
How to create Login Window.
How to use Drive List Box, Directory List Box, and File List Box.
Common Dialog Control 6.0.
Scroll Bar, Progress Bar.
Data Grid Control.
How to create digital clock in visual basic.
How to create Mp3 Player in visual basic.