Learn Life Coaching


Imagine what would be like
“If you are able to achieve your childhood dreams
“If you have an awesome and fulfilling career
“If you have the most loving and caring relationships
“If you are in magical health and super fit
The coaching model proposed by Vaibhav is just going to help us achieve that.

Think about it

Do the sunflower need to know that it will grow into a sunflower?
Or does it simply need nurturing, gardening and sunlight to find its natural, beautiful, highest expression of growth

Human beings are no different.
Given a natural environment and a coaching push, humans will also blossom into the beautiful expression of who they are. The best part is, you are going to be the privileged one to learn it from Vaibhav himself. For now, sit back, relax and answer a few questions.

Being my apprentice is tough work, read to know if you are made for it.
- I love apprentices.
- I get to make deep difference to apprentice’s life.
- I get to change the world through him or her.
- I love and I am all game for it.
My only criteria is “you should be ready for it”.

Key Takeaways of being my apprentice
- Get to make a difference to the world
- Learn the exact secrets of my success
- Assisted coaching and learning
- Get to raise the bar for yourself

You are just 6 months away from an entirely new beginning to the rest of your life

Key Benefits which you will receive are...
- Focus on what you want, rather than what the society wants from you
- Focus on work you like, rather than the work someone else likes
- Impact larger society, because of the work you do
- Feel happy, by incorporating the attitude change
- Create your own life, by envisioning and incorporating right actions

Modules Covered
Module 1: Principles of Coaching
Module 2: Rapport Building
Module 3: Listening
Module 4: Intuition
Module 5: Speaking
Module 6: Silence
Module 7: Questioning
Module 8: Coaching Structure
Module 9: Coaching Process and Sample Session
Module 10: Barriers to Coaching
Module 11: Choosing Beliefs
Module 12: A-ha Moments