Simplify Your Life (across 11 Areas)

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₹ 99,999

Are you over 40 and still reminiscing about what you want to do in life?
Are you feeling uncertain about your job?
Is emotional and physical health, a real concern for you?

If you answered a couple of them as "yes", then you are at the right place. Working with Vaibhav will give you the edge to BE and EXPRESS yourself, without feeling of being judged. Vaibhav helps you work on 11 categories of your life namely, CAREER, FINANCE, SOCIAL, RELATIONSHIPS, LOVE, INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, HEALTH AND FITNESS, QUALITY and PARENTING. We look at
- the Perceived Realities in each area
- the Purpose
- the Vision of where you want to go
- the Purposeful Actions to take

Armed with this information, you create your LIFE BOOK with detailed information about how you want to unfold your life.

When you join the program, you will...
- Learn how to incorporate SMART boards into your life
- Operate from a place of INSPIRATION rather than motivation
- Form Life changing HABITS to help you transcend easily
- Work from a place of HIGHER ENERGY
- Discover a new YOU

Key Benefits which you will receive are...
- Focus on what you want, rather than what the society wants from you
- Focus on work you like, rather than the work someone else likes
- Impact larger society, because of the work you do
- Feel happy, by incorporating the attitude change
- Create your own life, by envisioning and incorporating right actions

The investment covers
- exclusive coaching sessions with Vaibhav Datar (40+ hours of coaching)
- in depth coverage of the most important categories of your life